Brenden Gibbons' Portfolio



My name is Brenden Gibbons and I am a Game & Narrative Designer. The following are a small selection of my commercial projects and side work, ranging from Commercial Games, Virtual Reality projects and Experimental Works. 

Click on each project for more info including project details, what my tasks & responsibilites were and what I learned from the project. 

Commercial Games

With my B.Sc. in Game Design, I've been working in the games industry since 2015 as Games Designer in various projects. I've worked in various countries including the Netherlands, Iceland, Italy and China.


Last Day of June
(PC, Steam & PS4)

Game and Level Designer at Ovosonico (Varese, Italy)
June 2016 - June 2017

BAFTA nominated Narrative Adventure game. Learned from top to tail how to ship a console title, including writing & level/puzzle design.


(Mobile, Android & iOS)

Freelance Narrative Designer
May 2018

A chatbot game with a full parser. A playable mystery of an Artifical Intelligence in love. Created from concept to release in a month for IBM Italy.


Nowhere Prophet
(PC, Steam)

Freelance Writer
Feb 2018 - June 2018

A roguelike deckbuilding game about a pilgrimage in a post apocalyptic future with Indian roots. Wrote events, added lore, that kind of stuff.

Dr. Panda Games
(Mobile/Tablet, Android & iOS)

Play Concept Designer at Dr. Panda Games (Chengdu, China)
Sept 2015 - May 2016

Prototyped, concepted & designed various titles, all mobile apps for children from 3 - 8 years.

Virtual Reality

I'm a big fan of new interactions and experiences and Virtual Reality is no exception. I was a bit of an early adopter and tried to make a whole bunch of stuff, including live action films before all of the infrastructure was there. 


Flotið Niður Ána
(VR Film, Android/Cardboard)

VR Lead on VR film for Mobile, Android/Google Cardboard // 2015
A series of live action VR music videos showcasing the beauty of Iceland to be shown as part of a live performance.


The Prism
(VR Film, PC/Oculus Rift DK2)

VR Lead on live action VR film for PC/Oculus Rift DK2 // 2015
Three live action VR films portraying three viewpoints of a single event, commissioned for short film festival GoShort (Nijnmegen, the Netherlands).


Het Geheim Van Scania
(VR Diorama, PC/Oculus Rift DK2)

VR Developer on VR diorama for PC/Oculus Rift DK2 // 2014
An interactive VR diorama shown at the Truck & Transport 2015 expo, showcasing Scania and their trucks.


Musica Nova
(VR Museum, PC/Oculus Rift DK1)

VR Developer on VR arts museum for PC/Oculus Rift DK1 // 2014
A digital museum showcasing art and music created for academic research purposes.


(VR Film, PC/Oculus Rift DK1)

Writer & Technical Lead on VR film for PC/Oculus Rift DK1 // 2014
A short live action drama about powerlessness where the viewer is confined on a bed. Commissioned for film festival GoShort (Nijnmegen, The Netherlands).


Experimental Work

Whether on my own just for fun or as part of a team for game jams or residencies, I like to make weird things. I've made quite a few small, experimental works that ranges from interactive films to games with strange controllers.


(Mobile/Tablet, Android)

Design Lead of Prullaria for Dare to be Digital 2015 (Dundee, Scotland) // August 2015
A memetic snowball fighting game for mobile.


Spooky Selfie
(PC, Web & Windows)

Personal Project // February 2015
I made a joke that happened to also be a video game. It got a bit out of hand.


Human Parade
(PC, Windows with Arduino)

Designer and Artist of Team Turing at Global Game Jam (Breda, the Netherlands) // 2015
A warioware-style game about an alien trying their best to be human. The controllers are made from locally sourced trash and tinfoil.


(Interactive Film for Cinema)

Writer and Technical Lead at Digital Stories residency (Lille, France) // 2014
A short animated drama meant to be shown in a cinema. The film can be interacted with using laser pointers.


Gratuitous Rap Battle
(PC, Windows with Microphone)

Designer and Artist at the Zoo Machines Game Jam (Lille, France) // 2014
A rap battle game that uses Google's Speech to Text and a robot judge whose rules do not make for good raps.