Het Geheim Van Scania


Het Geheim van Scania

VR Developer

The Project

Het Geheim van Scania (The Secret of Scania) is a virtual reality diorama showcasing Scania trucks for the Truck & Transport 2015 exposition in Brussels. 

the work

  • VR Developer
    • Worked with agency and client to work to brief presented.
    • 3d modelling and 2d art modifications
    • Programmed using Playmaker

What I learned

My first experience doing client work was an interesting one and included being given the model of an engine that contained 9 million vertices. There's a lot of back and forth from me and the agency and client to ensure that they were happy with what they were getting. There was some optimisation problems since the models that I was given was incredibly high poly, even after removing and decimating faces, because I wanted to ensure that the trucks was still faithful to the ones in real life.