Flotið niður ána


Flotið niður ána

VR Lead

The Project

Flotið niður ána is a collaboration between Einar BjarturBRUUT collective and myself as part of Creative Lab, released around February 2016.

My work was focused on shooting and creating multiple virtual reality videos for mobile phones. These videos were used in a live performance of Einar's album Heimkoma. For 18 days, we journeyed together through Einar's homeland, Iceland, capturing the artist amidst various landscapes and interiors. 

the work

  • VR lead
    • Working directly with clients.
    • Directed actor for VR shots.
    • Captured, edited and composited the footage.
    • Created various C# scripts for Unity.
    • Creation and testing of the final .apks to be distributed in the live performance.

What I learned

Iceland is beautiful, hiking is tough and optimising virtual reality videos for mobile phone use is difficult. Hardware details were not finalised until late into the project and this caused some problems since it meant that my old pipeline needed a lot of changing. It was the first time I had created live action VR film for a mobile setting and it took a lot of trial and error to work out which settings worked best to create a video that was not so large that it created problems but was still of high enough quality to enjoy the beauty of Iceland. 

This added more time to the whole process, but everything was completed on time for the performance. The final works was to be shown using Google Cardboard as small intimate sections of the performance that was juxtaposed with parts of the performance where video was to be projected on/behind the musician. 

Additional information

As part of this project, a regular music video was created for the track Flotið niður ána and is presented below.