Gratuitous Rap Battle


Gratuitous Rap Battle

Designer and Artist

The Project

Gratuitous Rap Battle was made in the Zoo Machines 2014 game jam and is a game where two players do their best to rap (actually rap) according to a very arbitrary set of rules. 

The game uses Google's Speech to Text to decipher what the person is saying and from there, it applies the rules and the two players lay down some sick beat and are then score according to the rules afterwards. 

Sometimes Google doesn't quite understand you though. Oh well.

the work

  • Designer
    • Concepted with team.
    • Worked out core design.
  • Artist
    • 2d art using photoshop.

What I learned

A fun experiment in speech to text, Gratuitous Rap Battle really doesn't work very well depending on the accent of the player. There was also limitations on trying to count rhymes, which is why the rules ended up being focused on what letters are in the beginning or the end of the words spoken. It was primarily inspired from the webcomic And It Don't Stop, which depicted a robot-based rap battle. 

Additional information

Watch Will (one of the programmer) and Joon fight out a round of Gratuitous Rap Battle. They're both pretty bad at it.