Musica Nova


Musica Nova

VR Developer

The Project

Musica Nova is a digital museum where each piece of Japanese art was accompanied by music that was separated in three layers.

  • When they look at a piece of art, the first layer of music plays.
  • When they look at a piece of art and is at a medium distance to the painting, the first and second layers of music play.
  • When they look at a piece of art and is close to the painting, all three layers of music play.

the work

  • VR Developer
    • Worked with client and university to plan project timeline.
    • Minor 2d and 3d art editing.
    • Created various C# scripts including logging and replay feature.
    • Optimisation of assets and level occlusion for virtual reality.

What I learned

This project was one that really threw me out of my programming comfort zone as it required the development of requested academic features that I had never created before such as creating player logs that are both human readable and machine readable. This is so a player's playthrough could be repeated in the same client and was initially tough to wrap my mind around. 

There were also a lot of little problems like level occlusion and a lot of back and forth to ensure that the virtual museum was exactly how the researchers wanted and could help them with their hypothesis.