Hi! I'm Brenden, I’m a designer and I like to make things. 

My current trade is in video games, but I've done work in VR and interactive films. Narrative design is my special focus, but I enjoy exploring any medium I can get my hands on.

I find the form of a medium to be fascinating and I really enjoy looking at a specific setup or medium and breaking down its affordances into creating an experience that cannot really be done anywhere else. Taking apart the construction of an experience, weaving old and new techniques together and taking inspiration from strange places to add a meaningful twist in form or content makes work that pushes the medium, the creators and the audience. 

By exploring themes through techniques that are unique to the medium, you can make people feel or think things in a way that they’ve never before and I think that’s a wonderful thing. 

I have an international background; I was born in Indonesia, lived in the UK, studied Game Development in the Netherlands, have worked in China and Italy. I like to observe, analyse and absorb cultures, to see how tradition, language and history shapes people and communities at a micro and macro scale. Comparing the narratives which were kept and given cultural importance helps form a better understanding of a community and the personal narratives that run through me, from which I can make works that are effective in what they try to do. 

Ultimately, I like to make people think, feel and be happy.